Dominos pizza cheese burst tantalize your palate

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Published: 18th April 2011
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Ahoy! Dominos pizza is back with your favorite pizza cheese burst. Come this summer with family and friends and whet your appetite with the cheese burst.

The cheese burst with creamy liquid cheese is succulent, tasty, and simply irresistible. Personalize your toppings; add onions, olives, crisp capsicum to make it crunchy, and add a liberal dose of jalapeno and red pepper to give you that extra jazz and enhance your pizza experience. Sink your teeth into a slice of pizza and see heaven on earth!

Get your daily dose of vitamins when you order a Dominos pizza - choose to add veggies and/or meat to your topping. That way you donít compromise on the vitamin factor! Now thereís more reason to smile, and just relish your pizza.

Now that summerís here weíre sure you are going to max out your to do list but be sure to drop into dominos pizza to enjoy a slice of life. Choose from our varied menu to satiate your hunger pangs. Whether it is a quick bite or a leisurely meal that you want to enjoy with friends and family, you will be spoilt for choice.

The Mexican wrap, Veg pasta Italiano red and white, the all time favorite garlic breadsticks, and chicken wings are good for a quick bite. If you are thinking of a more leisurely meal then you can perhaps try the peppy paneer, deluxe veggie, or veg extravaganza. The Veg extravaganza is a real classic; it is loaded with cheese, golden corn, exotic black olives, crunchy onion, crisp capsicum, luscious mushroom, deliciously fresh tomato, and jalapeno with oodles of extra cheese to add the final zing.

And for those of you particular about the crust Dominos pizza offers a choice of double burst, cheese burst, classic hand tossed, ultimate deep dish, and crunchy thin crust. The highly recommended cheese burst crust has a layer of creamy cheese liquid layered between a classic base and a wafer thin crust. Or you can always opt for the Dominos classic hand tossed crust that is soft on the inside and crisp on the outside.

Whatever your preference there is something to keep everyone happy. Your hunger stops at Dominos Pizza!

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